Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Most Beautiful Music Teacher

If you have a beautiful music teacher sometime make us can't concentrate. See on the below picture. This young lady have a professorial to be a music teacher. Unfortunately she can't give you all be her lecture because she just can you give learn how to teach you to be more patient so that you get a lovely girl like her.

Flipping the traditional image on its head, fashionably and sexily dressed with a lithe and graceful body and sweet face, Jiangsu elementary school teacher Zhu Songhua has been named “China’s sexiest female teacher” by netizens. In early September, while appearing on Jiangsu Satellite Television’s “Happy Night” program’s “My teacher is special” segment, she caused a stir, with the male special guest immediately shouting “pretty/good-looking”, and even the male host Peng Yu unable to hide a shy expression.

Her name is Zhu Songhua, she was 30-years-old this year, unmarried, 168cm tall, weighs 50kg, and her measurements are 34, 26, 34. So you want to marry with her, just try.....

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