Saturday, November 6, 2010

Aura Kasih – Aliya Sachi – Jangan Bilang Siapa Siapa

Aura Kasih and Aliya Sachi release new album “Jangan Bilang Siapa Siapa”. This album be became the second album after the top album “Asmara” of Aura Kasih. This album will sing dual singer with Aliya Sachi. The song with theme of entrust will sing by a young, sexy and beauty girls.

Aura Kasih said in Studio Palem – South Jakarta say want to available rock style and freestyle on the clip video. Aura Kasih will work all out on this video in order can be a bang video. This video will full of energic and mad, what she feels will flow on this video.

Artist with the complete name of Aura Syahrani will invite together with Aliya Sachi on the same management. Aliya Sachi Jusung is a new comer on the music world. A beauty girl of Jakarta that birth 21 years ago, begin the career on background vocal. A single album of first hit “Pasrah” have become a prove of the success on the music world.

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