Monday, December 10, 2007

World of Music

This is the world of music, from old generation to young generation. The music words are always grown and developed by the grown of the music itself. There is an integrated between music and dancing, integrated between modern music and traditional music. The words are always changes depend on the situation and condition changes.

Blues tells about painful of live on the discrimination society then create blues, mixing of solo rhythm field holier and work song using with guitar and piano. The blues then grown and seeking for identity, rural blues, boogie–woogie, vaudeville blues and spirituals blues, in the last era was born urban blues.

In the slavery era born special music, the slaves combine the country music and work songs, song in the field and spiritual song and dancing instrumental music. Many music was born in this era, tango from Argentina, rumba from Cuba, samba from Brazil and merengue from Republic of Dominica, ska form Jamaica, mambo from Cuba, bossa nova from Brazil, rock steady form Jamaica, reggae form Jamaica, Salsa form Puerto Rico/Cuba, dancehall from Jamaica and form Europe trance, jungle, break beat, down tempo and then reggaeton from Panama/Puerto Rico.

Moving of the tone of rhythm and new improvisation of ragtime and blues, become a Jazz music, music with the band base can together with people dance. The style remains structure, melody and conventional tone. The jazz music grown vary like swing, bebob, hard bob, free jazz, cool jazz and soul jazz.

Along world war II, rhythm and blues merge from swing and 12 rhythm as dance music the vocal intention. The Billboard magazine said that phrase as the technical term for Black people on 1949.

After the world war then born Rock & Roll music, on the second generation of R & B (rhythm and blues), the black artist compose a gospel part, pop and country music. That music then sell to the young people with name rock and roll music.
The first era of hip-hop was born about on 1970 then follow with the rap existing. Hip-hop was born in South Bronx, hip-hop merge by the effect of Caribbean-Africa. The MC act rap with DJ as the music instrument background. Hip-hop American soundtrack become a new global power for 30 years. Together by this music development then merge new jazz swing, gospel and hip-hop international.

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