Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bella Saphira in Nude Paint

Bela Saphira want to paint in nude without any cover, wow can you dream it?
A beaty girl who have a white skin, and Indonesian face, last time is one of the lux Soap actress. She have a white and smooth skin, suitable for the lux soap star. She said that she want to be painted in a nude position without any cover, but in condition that the painter must be a husband. No problem I can painted for you and then we marry, he he ..

Bella Saphira was born on Magelang, August 6, 1973, not too old for new couple if she wanted. She was very famous after become a TV Film star of Dewi Fortuna, she can dancing, especially of ballet dancing, I also already seen her dancing, singing and also model. These are the photo:

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