Monday, June 16, 2008

Agnes Monika

Name: Agnes Monika Sukma
Bird Day: 1 July 1986
Place of Bird: Jakarta
Height: 165 cm
Profession: singer, song writer, actress
Address: Jalan Pluit Sakti V no. 30 Jakarta
Hobby: Ice-skating, piano, drum, etc.

When a child this girl known have a singer talent, when a kid she have perform in the Television as presenter for Tralala-Trilili together with Feri ex of ME personnel. She was get a Panasonic Award in 1999 as a best of child reader. On educate her talent she also follow some courses to manage her voice, so we don’t surprise if she can arrange voice in a good way.

She said; actually she would like to be an athlete, a basket ball or tennis. This Chinese girl is very discipline, beside always practice and many innovation on music show, she also smart in her school. She always got a scholarship and now she continue the study with Law subject in Pelita Harapan University.

The first children song album is Si Meong, Yess together with Aza Yayang, become the famous child actress in year of 1990s. Her next album is Bala-Bala and Tralala-Trilili. Agnes also have ever been as presenter for children Video in An TV.

As a film actress, Agnes have play on many of film like Lupus (2001), Pernikahan Dini (2001), Kejarlah Daku Kau Kutangkap (2002), Cewekku Jutek (2003), Amanda (2002), Ciuman Pertama (2002). Through that film acting, Agnes get award as the most favorite Sinetron (Cinema Electronic) – Panasonic Award 2001 and 2002.

Work together with Taiwan actor one of F4 Group, Jerry Yan, Agnes play in film TV actress. The album that have been release is And the Story Goes (2003). On this album, involved Melly Goeslaw and Dhani of Dewa Group.

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