Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michael Jackson

The world-famous singer dancer, Michael Joe Jackson was born on August 1958, formed the Jackson Five with his older brothers in the early 1960s and beginning in 1968, gained fame through their Morrown recordings and television appearances with Michael as the boy soprano. In 1978, Michael produced his new persona.

He start to have career [in] music world since child even its song have famous like " Ben".He was no longer a child, but now a child-man – delicate, frail, with a tremulous, often girlish voice; yet he was a powerful performer. His solo album Off the Wall (1978) catapulted him back into fame. Thriller (1982), boosted by Jackson's videos, broke sales records worldwide. Bad (1987) was also a big seller. See more the album of Michael Jackson.

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