Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Beyonce Show in Jakarta

Beyonce Knowless in Mangga Dua Square – Jakarta
" I Will give you a high impact show - I will serve the very pleasant show." Beyond promise at the arriving at Halim Perdana Kusuma airport, Jakarta. Landing in Halim possible with an eye to avoid all devotee which is so much at popular star of Texas, American. See my article about 5 American star top at Music Elements.

Charming of Beyonce make surprise about 5000 show audience in Mangga Dua Square. People really enjoy the real Beyonce manifestly attend from simply news which during the time laid open through the Newspaper, magazine, television and also internet. Likely processing exit from glass which is usually watch, fresh from the oven, before all thirsty audience eyes of lovely view. Beyond which in aware of this circumstance, about audience eyes which try to explore of beautiful view in front of, it appropriate with her promise of " high impact show" at the early coming by standing idol, intentionally give rope to its audience can to perceive in detail its lovely body meander. From back part of feet till top of hair intentionally be arranged snugly to be allied with her show must be balmy and beautiful to look on.

It is true, if magazine People to include Beyonce to the list of " 50 Most Beautiful Woman." Magazine FHM include Beyonce to the list of " 100 Sexiest Women in the World" year 2006. Nowadays in the Internet Yahoo include Beyonce to their directory of " The Most Popular Celebrities". Appearance Beyonce really anaesthetize all audience to be non-stoped to to follow her body motion, although have to arrest; detain the feeling like urinate, do not want to lose because under developed show which make surprise. And surely by the end of demonstrating Beyonce intentionally release the undercarriage frock and left her under wear showing almost entire/all its secret lovely body. Again she overshadow the audience like intending to show and wiggle as "Inul Darastita" from Indonesia, make the audience more and more swung. See the biography of Beyonce

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