Sunday, August 15, 2010

Florence and The Machine

Florence and the machine is the recording name of English music pop artist. Florence Welch that collaborate with other artist to provide a backing vocal and music have created a combination various genre music including rock and soul.

This music group has received praise across the music media before they gained mainstream success, such as from BBC who play a large part of Florence and the machine’s rise to prominence by promoting her.

Florence and the machine become nominated in six category to perform at the upcoming MTV video music award 2010 ceremony. Her video music also has been nominated on the year award of MTV. Other music group that nominated in various category such as Canadian Hip Hop with artist Dragke and American rapper Nicki Minaj, will perform on this contest.

Florence And The Machine were named among the acts set to perform at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards 2010 ceremony. The band will play Dog Days Are Over track from its debut album Lungs. Music video for this track was nominated in six categories, including Video Of The Year award.
More artists will be announced in upcoming days. The ceremony itself is set to take place on September 12.

The title song from Florence and The Machine such as:
  • Dog Days Are Over
  • You’ve Got the Love
  • Cosmic Love
  • Girl with one eye
  • Howl
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