Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cello Music

Cello is more similar with harp and violin. Cello comes from Italia language stand for violoncello that means of small violone. Violone is an ancient instrument a big viol that more similar to big bass.

Cello often related to Europe classic music. The part of standard orchestra that give a quartet sound and also as part of room music group. In the pop music this instrument is rare to use, but sometime use in rock and pop music.

The well-known creation of music that use cello is composed by Barok that is use cello is JS. Bach Uncompanied Suite for Cello, usually familiar with Bach Cello Suites. The example of classic music is created by Haydn Cello Concerto #1 in C major. Standar Repertoar romantic era included of Cello Concerto in B minor by Antonin Dvorak. Cello concerto by Elgar in E minor and two sonata by Brahms.

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