Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Metal music become familiar by teenagers after the Beatle group decade that is promote their new kind of music. Rock and roll music have improved and bird many new kind of music similar with that, this music is prefer by young people that flow hot blood on their venous. With combine music and hard dance, this music will feel too hard for old people, because need high energy to follow this music. Look like their name metal music is hard music and can become weak after they feel very hot similar with metal properties.

Metallic music have interest young people to create their group to build this kind of group music, even many group then die before their perform. Metal music just bird in South Asia about 3 or 4 years ago and bird of many metal music group. May be they just trial and error to build this music group, after some effort they can’t perform then to close their group and create other kind of music group.

Metallica Collection is just how it sounds: a complete retrospective of the legendary band's illustrious career. Only some of them have release album for their music, and sometime their music very difficult to follow because too impress their hard music sound and can broken our ear voice membrane. Better not too aloud for listening this kind of music.

Many kind of music actually have composed of many kind of music and integrated between them, like dangdud and pop or pop and rock, classic and rock, also rock and metal.

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