Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rihanna Concert in Jakarta Fail

Rihana contest finally failed, the fail of singer Rihanna concert in Jakarta more clearly. The concert's sponsor, Axis also stated that the concert of 'Take a Bow' singer is most likely canceled.

"On the Early morning we can have confirmation from the promoter, most likely cancel," Head of Corporate Communication Axis explain, Avianty Anita from detik hot when contacted by phone.

Anita continues during the middle of this meeting with the parties to Show Master, bring Rihanna promoter. After the meeting finished, he can deliver the certainty of coming to Jakarta.

"These sponsors joint is meeting with the promoter," he said.
Axis would like to sponsor of Rihanna concert was back in Jakarta on 12 February. Previous Rihanna concert on the plan of 14 November, that mobile service is also sponsoring of Rihanna concert.

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