Sunday, November 9, 2008

CMA Award Music

In a rapidly changing economy with a new president to be elected today and more music available than ever before, Day & Age seems like a particularly appropriate title for the Killers' forthcoming album. Described by lead singer Brandon Flowers as a "continuation" of the band's previous effort, Sam's Town, this might be the best work yet from the Las Vegas-based quartet. Pre-order Day & Age on iTunes and you'll get the track "Losing Touch" instantly.

If you're looking for a country-fried good time this week, all you need to do is push Play. Brad Paisley's seventh studio album includes collaborations with Buck Owens, B.B. King, Vince Gill, and Keith Urban on the hit single "Start a Band." If you still can't get enough, you'll also find many of Brad's previous albums on sale this week.

The Country Music Association Awards are now in their 42nd year of celebrating the best and brightest within the world of popular country music. Hosted by last year's winners for Male and Female Vocalist of the Year, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, it's shaping up to be a year to remember in Nashville. The celebration of this year's CMAS our own way — offering musics from all of the nominees and more.

Top Track music this month:

  1. You're Not Sorry, Taylor Swift
  2. Live Your Life (feat. Rihanna), T.I.
  3. Womanizer, Britney Spears
  4. If I Were a Boy, Beyoncé
  5. Hot N Cold, Katy Perry
  6. Right Now (Na Na Na), Akon
  7. Let It Rock, Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
  8. I'm Yours, Jason Mraz
  9. So What, P!nk
  10. Whatever You Like, T.I.

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