Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spurious Music and Software CD

In effort fight of conspiracy of music CD and also software CD in Jakarta and other big city in Indonesia look like not too serious. Told like this because still available in electronic trading center of imitate CD, this Spurious CD is circulated in smaller town like in Bogor, Purwakarta, Cikampek and other small city.

In effort to eradicate the spurious CD or DVD, police have raided a factory that is producing spurious optic disk. The factory assessed as one of the biggest CD producers in Indonesia. The company that have closed after the police raided is PT Multi Media Plastikama,

Even though some effort have done to raid CD producers and also the distributor of this CD but still a lot of seller sells this spurious CD. Circulation of this spurious CD is in limited area, like in far off from commerce center.

After Mr. Billgate visit to Indonesia, government have do some action to avoid distribution of spurious software CD in Indonesia. Government act sweeping to the company that is not use original software CD. This sweeping mainly focus to the merchandizing and legal company in Indonesia

To obligate of using original software CD in Indonesia in fact still a lot of constraint, because original software CD still be felt very costly for Indonesian people. Dollar always rise up and the civil income is not as higher as other country such as Malaysia, Singapore. Thailand and other neighborhood country.

The solution should be facilitating by a government, as soon as to socialize of using open source software, and always try to develop this open source as original product. Now many Indonesian people that smart enough and can create Indonesian original product. Good luck… and be creative ......

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