Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ruth Sahanaya

Ruth Sahanaya was born in Bandung, 1 of September 1966, she is Indonesian Pop Singer and assume as Indonesian music diva together with Kris Dayanti and Titi Dwijayanti. Her carrier on music was beginning in 1987 when she produce the first music album, she was a wife of Indonesian Film Actor Jeffrey Waworuntu. She don’t like other singer which can not maintaining marriage. Her marriage seem to be long live, congratulation to you Uthe, as her nick name that have familiar for her friend and fans call her.

After she is finished for school in LPK a secretary academy, she moved to Jakarta to get more concern on music carrier. When she still on school she was get winner of several sing contest. In Jakarta she success and get some national and international singer award. One of singer award that get award is Live Music Concert in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. Uthe then got attention from PT. Aquarius Musikindo, then produce song “Seputih Kasih” (1987) and directly get best seller. Other song that success and get best seller is “Kaulah Segalanya”.

On International Music Concert in Finland, she succeeded and got a perform “Grand Prix Winner.” After 15 years joint with Aquarius, in the beginning of 2002 Uthe joint to Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia (SMEI).

Product from Aquarius such as:
- Seputih Kasih (1987)
- Tak Kuduga (1989)
- Yang Terbaik (1994)
- Uthe (1996)
- Yang Kurindukan (2001)
- Greatest Hit’s (2002)
- Mengertilah Kasih

Product from Ruth Sahanaya & JACEY:
- Kaulah Segalanya (1992)
- Bicara Cinta (2004)
- Jiwaku (2006)

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