Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jessica Simpson Come Back in Country

Jessica Simpson hopped off her flight from Mexico and jumped right back to work. She works back for sing a new country song.
The pop star, who returned to Los Angeles yesterday after spending a few days unwinding (from what, we wonder) with her family south of the border, apparently isn't in the mood for more R&R.
She was on the move today, making a quick stop at a Marriott hotel in Sherman Oaks and then holing up in a West Hollywood recording studio.
A source close to the song stress told E! News that Simpson planned to spend six to eight hours at the studio working on material for a "country crossover" album. Sounds about right for a little lady who's been suspiciously without her Cowboy for a while.
New Album Grandes Exitos
You can hear some short song from this music group below:
Mañana, Mañana

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