Friday, February 1, 2008


The singing beggar in Indonesia often use this instrument to sing in public bus, in the train and now become going door to door. This situation may don't meet in your country. Some of them also have a good skill to play this music instrument. Now the singing beggar also play other instrument like Violin, they play this biola also very good.

The mandolin itself is the Neapolitan, a small lute about 60 cm (2 ft) long with deeply vaulted ribs and a table slanted downward at the lower end. It has four double rib-fastened metal strings suspended across a low bridge and a fretted neck to pegs inserted into a rectangular peg-box. A small flexible plectrum is used to vibrate the strings. A feature of mandolin playing is the constant reiteration of all long pitches, which counteracts its week sustaining power.

The mandolin emerged from medieval-Renaisance mandola possibly as early as the 15th century and enjoyed a vogue in concert music during the 18th century; Handel, Mozart, Vivaldi and Auber all composed for it. By 1900 it had become a popular folk instrument in Germany and America.

The mandolin has been used for vocal accompaniment as well as for classical composition since the 18th century. Development in Italy from the mandola, the modern mandolin ha sfour pairs of strings tuned to violin pitch and produced a clear, bright tone.

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